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01 I Commercial and Marketing Strategy

1. Analysis and Diagnosis

A basic analyisis enables us to identify opportunities to improve, the brand and product positioning in comparison with the desired positioning in the market and the objectives that have been set, if any. It allows to estimate roughly what could be the growth potential at an early stage.

2. Objectives

According to the brief of the client and in accordance with the diagnosy and our experience, laura&miro will propose realistic objectives that will allow to determine a clear roadmap, in the planning stage. The objectives can be quantitative or qualitative, general or very specific depending on the requirements.

3. Strategy

Depending on the context, the market, the competition and the available resources, we will propose one or several strategic alternatives to reach objectives, that will very likely have an impact in more that one crucial area of the business. We will consider key success drivers, as well as threats and obstacles.

4. Action Plan

Laura&miro is known for buidling up a Marketing or/and Commercial action plans. These always include a comprehensive calendar of actions related to all the involved key areas, in order to integrate all the efforts of the teams and allign them towards a common objective. Whenever necessary, it will include processes and organisational guidelines.

5. Measuring results

Once the objectives are defined, the strategy and action plan, we should monitorise the evolution by tracking KPI’s, Key Performance Indicators. We will propose the KPI’s and elaborate simple and comprehensive dashboards to visualise the evolution, periodically we will see progress to apply corrective actions or adjust our action plan.

02 I Marketing Management

 Product concept and definition

Brand development

 Corporate indentity

Creative development and design

Web design and programming


SEO, SEM, e-marketing

Marketing campaigns

 Operational Marketing 

Upselling and Cross Selling

Communication and press

Social media and online reputation

CRM and loyalty building

03 I Commercial Management

Client mix analysis

Online distribution strategy

Pricing strategy and revenue management

Contracting sales channels and monitoring accounts

Key account management and re-assignment

Trade campaigns

Groups, events and business travel

International business development and international representation

Assessment on labels affiliation

Development of new markets and segments

Commercial organisation

Commercial processes

04 I Global Sales Agent

Also known as international representation service, it may be appropriate for those hotels of a high or very high standard with a multicultural clientele or that wish to have a mix of clients from different source markets. This will be valued by hotels that wish to go beyond its frontiers and introduce its product in markets that are not its natural or local market. It will enable to present the hotel to the best travel agencies, both leisure and MICE, in countries such as France, United Kingdom, Spain, Nordic Countires, Germany

05 I Product development

Depending to the product concept and business model, to the audience we are targetting and its preferences or requiremetns, we may need to influence the core of the product and service.

 MICE & Corporate

We will help define the MICE product, getting involved in its design from the services, pricing and image, as well as in the phase of presentation and introduction to the specialized sales channels in the segment. With regards to the business travel segment, we can help define policies, services and pricing.


For hotels offering wellness facilities, we can bring some expertise in the definition of the the concept and can help enhance the guest experience, while adding value to the product and service. We can help market the wellness center in specialised sales channels as well as promote it in-house, within the hotel guests.

Cycle Tourism

We are experts in developing active tourism products and destinations. Biking in its diferent modalities is one of our specialities. We would help develop a concept for a bikefriendly, we manage labels that are specialised in biking and we handle its commercial development at an international scale.


Walking has also become a reason for travelling, and is also part of our know how. We have enjoyed  many years of work for destinations that are references in active tourism, we would know how to develop the product and help adapt a hotel to this segment and its clients’s needs. After that we can also promote and market the hotel internationally to specialised operators.


The hotels that would like to be positioned as a reference of lifestyle and trends require a different approach to communication and marketing. The message will come from the essence of the product and concept. They will interact with its target audience in a very specific way. Its positioning and interactions need to help develop an identity able to gain its space in this fast evolving segment.

Gastronomy and wine tourism

In recent years, gastronomy and wine tourism have become more and more relevant as strong motivations plan a trip, visit or enjoy a destination, or choose a hotel. We can help to build up the product concept, highlight its value proposition brand, help create the product, and develop the brand and manage its communication and commercial development.