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01 I Consulting

This is one of the core services of laura&miro, highly valued by our clients. We work in projects within a certain timeframe, starting by analysing the situation, issues and opportunities, we reach our conclusions and issue recommendations to the Management or Owners of the property. Often seeking objectivity or a deeper expertise in the sector, this type of collaboration takes place when our client cannot undertake the study in-house with his own resources or/and considers more appropriate to involve external experts in a fully idenpendent way, thinking this will make it easier to reach the objectives. The fees are set accordingly to the degree of complexity of the project.

02 I Outsourcing

In this format, there is a deeper involvement from our side, given that on one side the time can be unlimited and on the other hand, our interaction with the team becomes closer to such an extent that sometimes we may even become part of it, or almost. We are able to bring in experience and results from the very beginning, in the commercial and marketing domains, offering our clients higher probabilities of success. This collaboration format enables to cover the needs in a cost effective and sustainable way, offering an alternative to employing a senior manager, without the need of increasing the fix payroll costs. This format implies a monthly fee and a contract that would cover a minimum duration.

03 I Projects and alliances

Our entrepreneurship spirit, the engagement with the tourism sector as well as the constant search of new challenges, have taken us to actively participate in projects that we have considered of major interest. A number of entrepreneurs and directors of companies and brands value our contribution to impulse and bring to reality its new projects. Our expertise in commercial and marketing in particular and in tourism in general, as well as in product management are a key to the success of brands and projects. Currently, we are partners of Slow Travelling, Nevasport, Bikefriendly and Roc Roi.